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:immapencil:  Hi you guys! Sun 
I'm going to make a concept art folder for "Allods Online" MMO in my gallery. I'm working on this project for about three and a half years, and have never shared any of my concepts on deviantart. So I thought, maybe it's time now))) I will be posting here some of my old as well as the newest works gradually. And I hope you'll enjoy it.  Sun 
I want to thank you all, my friends and all you guys who put me on :+devwatch: or :+fav:ed my pictures these days! I've received so many touching and interesting messages and I'm so pleased with it!  But unfortunately, I don't have that much time to reply to all and visit all your pages, though I'd like to.
I'm glad to be here with you guys, thank you all!

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
I appreciate it very much :star::star::star::spotlight-left: :icondrop-asd: and :iconarchann::spotlight-right::star::star::star:
Thank you for your kindness and generosity, for your attention to our artworks and for introducing them to the world. I'm so touched.
A lot of magic and peace for all of you!

I want to thank all artists who  have visited my page and have viewed my artworks, :+fav:ing and :+devwatch:ing me!   I'm so pleased! My best wishes to you, guys! =^^^=
Today, thanks to :butterfly::heart::iconsokil-su::heart::butterfly: who is an example for me in many ways...
I wish to present you two of my friends :butterfly:

:spotlight-left::butterfly: :nieman::liquify::iconfinschi::dygel: :blackice: :iconanndr::silentkitty::spotlight-right:

I want to give a support to my dear friend :iconfinschi: who's very nice person, =kawai=:mangapunksai: and kind!:hug: Finschi's works are colourful, living and smiling )
And my crazy friend and unusual person, :iconanndr: She is talented artist and tender girl%) :flirty: She loves long-hair boys,:onfire: elves and hard rock!:headbang: So..what is needed more? )))))

Lately Finschi has lost her job:(
...and AnnDR has lost her tablet:( :star:I hope for your attention, care and support. Cheer them up and give them some hope :star:for the brighter future and better times ):star: They deserve it! =^^^=

My various sketches, oldies, speed paintings and all such stuff is stored in my Scrapbook now…: